4in Folding Knife

$129.00 CAD

Great for hunting and fishing.

Beautiful as well as durable

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Ideal for everyday use and small enough to carry in your pocket, the 4in Folding Sport Knife performs as a versatile “gentleman’s knife” for everything from outdoor trips to daily tasks around the house and makes a fine gift.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 2 in

1 review for 4in Folding Knife

  1. Tim Stewart

    I have purchased 2 knives from you; one at the PNE and one at the Home Show in Vancouver. I believe I spoke with Rick when I purchased the knives. When I said my girlfriend who is passionate about cooking would probably tell me we don’t need any knives as she has her Henkel chef knife that I bought over 5 years ago, Rick said when she tries this knife she will love it and won’t use the Henkel knife anymore When I got home sure enough she gave me a hard time for buying something we don’t need because she said we don’t need any more knives. However, I encouraged her to at least try it and she loved the chef knife. At the home show I bought the utility knife which we also really like. Hardly ever have to sharpen these knives.
    Tim Stewart
    Vancouver, BC

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